Vaughn Greene Funeral Services is Hiring!

Below we have listed our current job openings. Please scroll down for detailed information.

  1. Embalmer/Funeral Director (see job description below)
  2. Transporter (see job description below)
  3. Receptionist (see job description below)
  4. Funeral Attendant (see job description below)

Embalmer/Funeral Director

Job Description

An Embalmer/Funeral Director for Vaughn Greene Funeral Services will assist with the clinical preparation and arrangement of services for the family’s deceased loved one. At Vaughn Greene Funeral Services, we strive to ensure that our Embalmers/Funeral Directors uphold the highest levels of care in support of families during their time of loss.

A Qualified Candidate Must

  • Possess, or be willing to pursue a valid Embalmer/Funeral Director’s License in the State of Maryland 

Responsibilities of an Embalmer

An Embalmer will: 

  • Have an exceptional ability to embalm individuals in accordance with state regulations 
  • Prepare, casket and dress the deceased
  • Maintain a safe and sterile preparatory environment 

Responsibilities of a Funeral Director

A Funeral Director will: 

  • Assist families in the pre-arrangement/arrangement process 
  • Provide support for families throughout the arrangement, viewing, funeral service and burial
  • Relay all service-related information to families in a clear and compassionate manner 


A number of personal characteristics make an individual a suitable fit for the role of Embalmer/Funeral Director. These characteristics may include:

  • A heart for service 
  • Compassionate care and empathy towards those in their time of  loss 
  • Comfort with serving in a ministerial capacity to families, if needed 

Excellent Salary & Benefits Package

Interested applicants should send application materials to

Transporter Position

Vaughn Greene Funeral Services is seeking to add to our experienced and talented after care staff with compassionate individuals willing to serve bereaved families at their most vulnerable time. This is a full-time position; work frequency and hours would be guaranteed.  However, may include call in on overnight, weekend, or holiday.

Job Description: 

  • The Transporter is responsible for the care, removal and transportation of decedents from various locations including hospitals, assisted living facilities, hospices, private residences, and between designated company sites
  • The position also requires the collection of vital information from the family and the transfer of decedents in a respectful and dignified manner into our care.

Hours: Day/Evening/Night Shift. As needed with weekday/weekend/early morning hours. (Per diem).

Minimum Requirements:

  • Education:
    Graduation from an accredited high school or possession of a high school equivalency certificate.
  • Experience: 
    Six months general work experience is required.
    Any prior funeral experience is preferred.
  • Notes:
    Training period dependent upon background
    Valid Driver's license is required
    Must be able to lift at least 100 lbs.
    Candidates should be well-groomed and expect to adhere to a formal dress code (i.e. at minimum, shirt & tie; suit preferred)

Interested applicants should forward resumes to Brittany Greene:


We are seeking an organized receptionist for our East Baltimore location.

Candidates must, among other responsibilities:

  • Greet and welcome visitors in a professional and courteous manner
  • Answer phones in the same professional and courteous manner, while taking messages, routing calls and/or providing general information
  • Assist office staff with the maintenance of files and records, as needed
  • Maintain confidentiality pertaining to information regarding clients, staff and families
  • Assist families with service items
  • Maintain a presentable conference room with required stationery and forms
  • Offer administrative support across the organization 

Candidate must have strong communication and organizational skills, with the ability to multitask. We are looking for candidates with at least one (1) year in a professional office setting, with the capability to operate office equipment. Providing professional customer service, a positive attitude and professional  appearance are a must. Work schedule flexibility is a plus. Minimum high school diploma or equivalent is required.

Interested applicants should contact Janet Miller and send application materials to

Funeral Attendant

The responsibilities of a funeral service attendant include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist client families in a kind and professional manner.
  • Assist funeral director on funeral services, including:
  • Instate: Assist the funeral director in setting up for services (i.e. casket, flowers, etc.)
  • Limousine service: Ensure the safe and prompt arrival of immediate family for funeral.
  • Funeral Procession: Provide funeral decals and ensure use of headlights and hazard lights.
  • Other: Follow the directives of the funeral director in charge. Assist families as needed.

Assist with family viewings, including:

  • Ensure the satisfactory presentation of the deceased (i.e. casket, flowers, etc.)
  • Escort immediate family for initial first viewing
  • If adjustments are requested, consult a funeral director
  • Perform related tasks as assigned by supervising funeral director and/ or general management.

In addition to the above listed responsibilities, funeral attendants are expected to maintain a professional attitude and serve client families with kindness and compassion. 

Interested applicants should forward resumes to Brittany Greene: