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  • Embalmer/Funeral Director

Job Listing for Embalmer/Funeral Director

Job Description

An Embalmer/Funeral Director for Vaughn Greene Funeral Services will assist with the clinical preparation and arrangement of services for the family’s deceased loved one. At Vaughn Greene Funeral Services, we strive to ensure that our Embalmers/Funeral Directors uphold the highest levels of care in support of families during their time of loss.

A Qualified Candidate Must

  • Possess a valid Embalmer/Funeral Director’s License in the State of Maryland 

Responsibilities of an Embalmer

An Embalmer will: 

  • Have an exceptional ability to embalm individuals in accordance with state regulations 
  • Prepare, casket and dress the deceased's 
  • Maintain a safe and sterile preparatory environment 

Responsibilities of a Funeral Director

A Funeral Director will: 

  • Assist families in the pre-arrangement/arrangement process 
  • Provide support for families throughout the arrangement, viewing, funeral service and burial
  • Relay all service-related information to families in a clear and compassionate manner 


A number of personal characteristics make an individual a suitable fit for the role of Embalmer/Funeral Director. These characteristics may include:

  • A heart for service 
  • Compassionate care and empathy towards those in their time of  loss 
  • Comfort with serving in a ministerial capacity to families, if needed 

Excellent Salary & Benefits Package

Interested applicants should contact William Miller and send application materials to