Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vaughn C. Greene Funeral Services, P.A. owned by a corporation?
No, Vaughn C. Greene Funeral Services, P.A. has been solely owned by Vaughn Collin Greene since its inception in 1996. The company’s ownership status is on file with the Maryland State Board of morticians.
What are the hours of operation?
We are on call 24 hours a day. Our regular business hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00am - 5:00pm. However, the funeral homes remain open during scheduled viewings and funeral services.
What things should I consider in choosing a funeral home?
You should choose a funeral home whose staff is compassionate, knowledgeable and professional who will assist with your every need. Remember service, quality and value can vary widely among funeral providers.
How much does a funeral usually cost?
In addition to our basic service fee, other costs vary based on the services you select. Our staff will explain in detail the cost of our services, and provide a copy of our General Price List to assist with your selections.
What are my payment options and when is payment due?
We accept cash, all major credit cards, bank financing, and the assignment of a verified life insurance policy. Full balance is due two days prior to services rendered.
What is the difference between prearranging and preplanning a funeral service?
Prearranging is the advance payment for merchandise and services in order to reduce cost to the family and guarantee protection against inflation. Preplanning is the process of selecting the merchandise and services and placing them on file at a funeral home, thus removing some of the emotional strain for survivors.
What should I do if a death occurs out of town?
Regardless of the date, time, or the location where the death occurs, it is important to contact Vaughn C. Greene Funeral Homes first. We can then direct the necessary services on your behalf. Failure to contact us first may result in duplication of services and excess cost.
Is embalming required by law?
No, embalming is not required by law. Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select a certain funeral arrangement such as a funeral with a viewing. Certain religions and cultures do not allow embalming, and we conform to their requirements.
Can funeral services be held anywhere?
Yes. The location of the service is very flexible and can be held in a variety of places such as your church, the funeral home chapel, graveside or cemetery chapel. The most common sites for funeral services are churches or chapels in funeral homes. Vaughn Greene Funeral Services has a variety of chapels that can accommodate up to 300 patrons.
What factors should be considered in selecting the day and time of the funeral?
While some religious practices and customs require that the decedent be buried within 24 hours, consideration should be given to have enough time for out-of-town family and guests to attend the service. Friends should also have enough time to arrange time off from work. Our staff will assist you with your decision and help you during the entire process.
What if I want my loved one cremated?
Does your facility handle cremation services?

Yes. We have several cremation options. Our staff can explain in detail the full range of cremation service options and make all of the necessary arrangements.
Can I still have a funeral service with the body present if I choose cremation?
Yes. All services, including embalming, casket selection, viewing and funeral service are available, even when cremation is chosen. Remember that cremation is final disposition just as traditional burial.
What if I do not already have cemetery property? How do I choose one?
What things should I consider?

Generally, it is the decision of the family as to what cemetery will be chosen for final disposition. If the family needs assistance, we can provide a list of local cemeteries. Cost and location are considerations, as well as maintenance of the gravesite, as some cemeteries offer perpetual care of the gravesite. Our staff can help with your decision.
Is a vault for the casket required by law?
While a vault is not required by law, cemetery regulations may require a vault or concrete grave liner.
What should I say to the family when I come to the visitation or funeral?
It is important that you just be yourself. Offer your condolences and comfort them. Your presence alone is usually enough to support them during this stressful time.
What if I have other questions?
Contact any Vaughn Greene Funeral Services establishment and our dedicated, knowledgeable staff will gladly respond to all of your inquiries.

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