Pre-Planning Services

Making funeral plans in advance is an act of great love.

Also called funeral preplanning or funeral prearrangements, these guidelines provide tremendous peace of mind for your loved ones. They will not be left to wonder if they made the right choices or if they acted in accordance with your wishes. Preplanning removes the guesswork and enables you to design the perfect final farewell. By outlining your funeral plans in advance, you can take as much time as you need to create deeply personal arrangements that reflect your values and preferences.

Relieve the heavy burdens for your loved ones.

When a beloved family member or friend passes away, it is an emotional time filled with difficult decisions. There are many preparations to attend to and pressing financial concerns may also be looming. Funeral preplanning is the smart way to ease this strain. Here are some additional important benefits that come with advance funeral planning:

You’re in control.

When you make funeral plans in advance, you get to decide how you will be remembered. It is your special chance to fashion the life tribute that you have always envisioned. Whether you want to celebrate a rewarding career or encourage people to be more conscious of the environment, funeral preplanning allows you to do it. Think of it as an exclusive opportunity to craft a personally meaningful ceremony that honors your values and wishes.

The details are up to you.

Funeral preplanning is unique to each individual, giving you the ability to design your entire ceremony so that decision-making is minimized for your loved ones. It can include as few or as many elements as you desire, such as:

  • Traditional funeral and burial or cremation services
  • Viewing, wake, or reception
  • Location (funeral home, place of worship, cemetery)
  • Religious/spiritual ceremony or secular gathering
  • Specific readings and music for the service
  • Flowers and decoration preferences
  • Donation requests
  • Any special requests

It offers lasting peace of mind.

You might be surprised to know that more than 70 details must be attended to in the first days following a loved one’s passing. That’s a lot of responsibility and decision-making amid deep grief. When you preplan, it makes that initial period much easier for your loved ones. A thoughtfully preplanned service can spare your family from having to deal with emotionally and financially taxing issues at a time that is already difficult.

There is no need to rush.

Preplanning gives you time to make detailed, deeply personal decisions that reflect your preferences and budget. Deliberate on your choices and craft the perfect final farewell. Your plans can always be revised, too.

Planning your own funeral is a deeply personal effort that can also be filled with emotion. At Vaughn Greene Funeral Services, our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible and facilitate your decision-making process. We can assist you virtually (over the phone or via video conferencing); in one of our private offices; or at your home, whichever is most comfortable and convenient for you. Your funeral plans will be kept on file, at no cost, so that when the time comes to say goodbye, your loved ones will know that your wishes have been fulfilled.

Our staff is always available to answer any additional questions you may have, and you are always welcome to contact us.

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