How to Ease Your Child's Grief: Ten Must-Know Funeral Tips for Parents

Sunday, July 9, 2023

When your child is bereaved, it can be hard to know the right things to say and do. These funeral tips for parents offer the guidance you need.

Like adults, children need time to grieve the loss of a loved one. It is important that you are available to listen and provide reassurance that they are not alone in their pain. If your child is attending the funeral or memorial service, prepare them for this end-of-life event so they know what to expect.

In this article, we will share some valuable funeral tips for parents so you can help your child through their grieving process in the best possible way.





  • Prepare and explain ahead of time.

Before the funeral, explain to your child what a funeral is and what they can expect to see and hear. Use age-appropriate language and be honest but sensitive about the purpose of the event.

  • Seek help from a supportive adult.

If you are responsible for the funeral arrangements and will be there for the duration, it’s wise to arrange assistance for child care. Identify a trusted adult, such as a family member or close friend, who can be with your child during the funeral. This person can provide comfort, answer questions, and take your child outside if they become upset or overwhelmed.

  • Create a safe place.

If the funeral is taking place in a larger venue, create a designated area where your child can retreat if they need a break. Bring along some familiar toys, books, or activities to help keep them occupied and provide a sense of comfort.

  • Answer their questions honestly.

It is common for children to express confusion or ask questions during funerals, visitations, and memorial services. Be open and honest with your responses, using sensitive, age-appropriate language to help them understand the situation.

  • Encourage their participation.

Depending on their age, you may choose to involve your child in the funeral process in a way that feels comfortable for them. For example, they might create artwork or write a letter to the departed, or participate in a remembrance activity.


Here are some general tips to help your child deal with grief:

  • Provide reassurance.

Let your child know that they are loved and supported, and that their feelings are valid. Explain that it is normal to grieve and that you're there to support them through the process.

  • Encourage expression.

Allow your child to express their feelings about the loss in ways that are appropriate for their age. This might include talking, drawing, writing, or engaging in play therapy. Let them know that it's okay to feel sad, angry, or confused.

  • Maintain routines.

Stick to regular routines as much as possible, as they provide a sense of stability and security for children during times of grief. Consistency in daily activities, meals, and bedtime can help them feel safe and grounded.

  • Remember the departed.

Encourage your child to remember and honor the person who passed on in their own way. This could include creating a memory box, planting a tree, or sharing stories and memories about the departed.

  • Seek support if needed.

Grief can be overwhelming, so don't hesitate to seek support for yourself and/or your child. Reach out to trusted family members, friends, or professionals, such as therapists or counselors, who can provide guidance and assistance during this difficult time.

Every child grieves differently, so be patient and understanding as they navigate their emotions. By providing a supportive environment, you can help your child process their grief and find healthy ways to cope.

We hope you found these funeral tips for parents helpful. If you need more guidance or additional support for a grieving child or yourself, please reach out to our caring team.

About Vaughn Greene Funeral Services: For more than 25 years, Vaughn Greene Funeral Services has been providing a ministry of care to Baltimore’s African American community. As a leading local, minority- and family-owned provider, we promise to provide our highest level of service and respect to families who entrust us to honor their loved ones. For more information about our funeral, cremation, memorial, repast, and grief counseling services, please call us at 410.655.0015 or visit us online at

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