Seven Touching Ways to Use Cremated Remains to Honor Your Loved One

Sunday, November 20, 2022

When it comes to inspired uses for cremated remains, the possibilities are endless.

From the traditional to the avant-garde, there is an option for every taste and budget.

Over the last decade, cremation has become the preferred funeral disposition method in the United States. As more people choose cremation, the range of personalized memorialization options continues to grow, too.

In the following article, we will explore seven clever ways you can use your loved one’s cremated ashes to create a beautiful, enduring tribute.

1. Cremation Urns

If you prefer the traditional approach, cremation urns are an appropriate choice. A wide variety of styles, colors, and materials is available, along with customized embellishments, so you can choose something as unique and special as the individual it represents. From elaborate ceramic urns to intricate wooden containers to durable marble vessels, you are sure to find the perfect expression for your loved one’s remains.

2. Biodegradable Urns

These environmentally-friendly containers are designed to decompose over time when exposed to the elements. They are a fitting choice for environmentalists and nature lovers alike. As with traditional urns, biodegradable urns are available in many shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, so there is no need to compromise on your preferences.

3. Glass Cremation Art Objects

Talented artisans work with glass and other materials that contain cremation ashes to produce strikingly beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art. Keepsake lamps, paperweights, heart sculptures, and suncatchers are a few of the many available options.

4. Memorial Teddy Bears

A cuddly alternative to traditional urns, these soft stuffed animals have a space inside for holding a loved one’s cremation ashes. They offer the added benefit of providing huggable comfort during times of grief and sorrow.

5. Commissioned Paintings

Was your loved one an art enthusiast or collector? If so, there are a number of artists who will mix cremated remains into paint and create a masterpiece of your choosing. You might commission a bucolic landscape of your loved one’s favorite outdoor spot, a modernistic abstract, or a beautiful portrait that captures their likeness for eternity.

6. Memorial trees

A tree burial is a thoughtful option for those who had a special fondness for nature. Unique biodegradable urns combine cremation ashes with a special blend of nutrients to help the tree grow and thrive. In time, you will be able to relax beneath its shady branches as you fondly remember your loved one.

7. Cremation Jewelry

Also called memorial jewelry or remembrance jewelry, cremation jewelry is a beautiful way to keep the memory of your loved one alive. Whether you prefer necklaces, rings, or bracelets, there is no shortage of options. Cremation pieces come in all shapes, styles, sizes, and price points, too. Some people prefer extravagant precious metals and gemstones, while others opt for a more basic approach. Most pieces of cremation jewelry are designed to hold a small amount of cremated remains, although some manufacturers actually infuse cremated ashes into the item itself.

If you need additional ideas for cremated remains or if you wish to make arrangements for a loved one, we are here to help. Please reach out to our caring professionals anytime.

About Vaughn Greene Funeral Services: For more than 25 years, Vaughn Greene Funeral Services has been providing a ministry of care to Baltimore’s African American community. As a leading local, minority- and family-owned provider, we promise to provide our highest level of service and respect to families who entrust us to honor their loved ones. For more information about our funeral, cremation, memorial, repast, and grief counseling services, please call us at 410.655.0015 or visit us online at

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