Company History

For over twenty years, it has been an honor for Vaughn Greene Funeral Services, P.A. to serve the communities of the Baltimore metropolitan area. With humble beginnings in 1996, Vaughn Greene created and shaped a funeral organization that rivals the competition and set a new standard in funeral care. With the mission to compassionately deliver high quality, uniquely distinct funeral services to families in times of loss, Vaughn Greene Funeral Services, P.A. become the hallmark to shape and ultimately catapult the Company to four locations in the span of just a few years.

Recognizing that there was a need to spread their vision and funeral model more broadly, the company sought expansion outside the Baltimore geography. In 2010, Batchelor Brothers, Inc. Funeral Services opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in January, 2016, opened its first location outside Trenton, New Jersey. All locations continue to provide exceptional service and comfort to families experiencing loss.